You probably hear the word “self-care” everywhere these days. You know it’s essential, but what does it really mean? Put simply, self-care is setting aside time to care for yourself — mind, body, and spirit — in whatever form that takes for you. This looks different for everyone — it could be a Physique 57 class, reading a book, a
Take your practice or teaching to the next level with our Barre Certification program New York, NY – January 11, 2022 – Physique 57 is an international fitness and media company, founded by former Wall Street professional, Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, and wellness expert, Tanya Becker. Their method embraces a more intimate, dynamic workout environment, incorporating rigorous interval training and creative choreography.
New York, NY – March 7, 2022 – Physique 57, the premier Barre-based boutique fitness brand, is excited to announce their 10-year anniversary of their highly acclaimed On Demand workouts.   To celebrate a decade of On Demand, Physique 57 is offering a special, limited time offer for new customers with unlimited access to the platform for 60% off the
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There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting a roadblock in your fitness journey — especially when you’re putting in the time and working hard! Exercise plateaus occur when your body begins to adapt to the volume and intensity of a workout. It recognizes, “Oh, this is familiar” and adjusts to the new normal. When your body is no longer challenged, it
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One of the keys to forming long, lean, gorgeous muscles is not only rocking your Physique 57 workouts, but also refueling with healthy, nourishing foods. Protein is a powerhouse nutrient that delivers so many benefits for your beautiful body.  Research shows that protein builds muscle strength and lean muscle mass ¹ ², plus it helps your muscles repair and recover
There is no one way to measure your wellness results — it’s all about your individual goals and how YOU feel! If your goal is to look and feel more lean (we hear this from a lot of people in our community), then the key is building lean muscle mass. The first step is understanding body composition, what lean muscle
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If you’re new to Physique 57, welcome! We are so happy you’re here! We know it can feel intimidating jumping into a new workout class. If the thought runs through your mind, “Does everyone know what they’re doing but me?” trust us, we’ve all been there.  First thing’s first, be proud of yourself for trying something new. It’s so powerful
Co-founder Tanya Becker
Physique 57 co-founder Tanya Becker has always been consistent in her workouts and clean eating. Still, she reached a point when she wanted to shake things up. As she approached perimenopause, she wasn’t feeling quite as healthy and confident in her body — and no amount of healthy eating or exercise was helping. That is, until she discovered the magic
The magic of the Physique 57 method is our unique fusion of interval overload, isometrics, and lengthening stretching exercises. This revolutionary combination is the secret to boosting lean body mass and transforming your body!  Today, we’re going to focus on one key aspect of our method — stretching. Stretching often gets overlooked, but it’s essential for creating lean, gorgeous muscles
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Have you ever wondered what foods your favorite trainers eat after they lead you through some major sculpting and toning? We got you!  We asked a few of our amazing trainers what foods they eat to refuel post-workout. They each have different go-to meals and snacks, but they all have a few things in common — plenty of protein, healthy